Spring Season

DiscNW Spring Gx High School League

Mid-March – Mid-May. Bainbridge team(s) play in a high-school based league for female-matching players (FMPs). Practices 3-4 times per week after school. Games on weeknights and weekends, in Seattle and on Bainbridge Island.

DiscNW Spring Bx Club and Free Agent League

Mid-March – Mid-May. Bainbridge team(s) or individual players participate in a league for male-matching players (MMPs). No formal practices. Games on Friday evenings in Seattle.

Spring Reign 2023

This next year Spring Reign will be tentatively held on April 22nd and 23rd. It is not required that players attend this event, but it is highly recommended. It is so much fun! Spring Reign is the largest youth tournament in the world, and is held in Burlington, WA. The cost for attending this tournament is in addition to the regular player fee, and the exact cost depends on camping fees, number of players attending, and certain other factors.

More information will be posted on the 2023 trip to Spring Reign as it becomes available. The most up-to-date information can be found here.